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About us

Our vision

Provide certainty on competency and safety for the global workforce and workplaces.

  • Without certainty in people’s competencies, quality is low and the consequences are costly.
  • Without certainty in safe workplaces, reputation is at risk and consequences are life-and-death for your people and organization too.

Our purpose

Help organize people’s lives by connecting the global workforce with authorities and employers for work success.

What we do

We believe that engaged employees take positive actions to further an organization’s reputation.

Engagement starts with competency, so we help people organize and share their competency through important documents such as certificates, qualifications, and track records verified by issuing authorities.

Not only that, but we also promote personal development with a world-class training catalog easily available from the best providers worldwide.

As a result, our community of highly reputable and verified people contribute to quality excellence, higher levels of productivity, at the same time ensuring safe work environments.

Because of that, we reward people’s positive behavior with a unique reputation points system that enables even more competency, engagement, and a fair workplace.

Our Manifesto & Values

TODAY is another GREAT DAY. A day to defy convention. TODAY we will think bigger than we are. It is a day to push the boundaries and go beyond the limits. TODAY we think boldly and positively about the future. For it is ours to define. TODAY we will take another step to give everyone a voice. And through this collective voice, create something astonishing. TODAY is another perfect day. With Boldness, Agility and Relentless Optimism We will make a dent in the universe. TODAY is a day for Repple.


For us, simply doing what others have done doesn’t move the needle. Taking action and making decisions is critical. Not every decision will be right but we will learn. Not taking a decision is decision to do nothing.

Relentless Optimism

We are optimistic about the future. We believe we have the ability to make things better, to create the future we want for our children. By thinking, talking and acting positively we can be the change we want. We keep going no matter what.


We believe everyone’s voice is valuable; that their collective contributions can help us all. Therefore, we should listen. But we also recognise that people’s voices are their own and should not be owned by a faceless corporation.

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