Combine a Health Passport with other critical credentials

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All credentials in one place, instantly verifiable.

Empower your direct and indirect workforce through Repple. All employees can have their own verified credential wallet that follows them from job to job and site to site.

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Instantly check credentials and competence without any paperwork or hassle


Be certain of the certification and competency of direct, indirect and temporary workers


Put ownership of competence into the hands of the individuals and recognise their contribution


Check people's
credentials and
competence in real-time.

Credential checks available anytime, anywhere, on any device by simply scanning the persons Repple app - it could be the first time arriving at work or a spot check. No need for an admin department doing validation or screening.

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Real-time trust and compliance reporting.

Have certainty that the people you are putting at risk and that could risk others have all the necessary skills and qualifications to do the job.  View real-time metrics on compliance and compliance checks and turn lagging metrics into leading ones. 


Educate, communicate and engage with your workforce.

Use Repple’s powerful communication tools to engage directly with workers and allow them to feedback on issues and observations.

More Use-cases

A plaform to issue credentials to individuals, directly from authorities, allowing them to be instantly checked and verified by companies

Repple Transformation Framework

We are about helping individuals being more relevant for sustained economic growth. It means helping companies become more efficient to onboard and inspect workforce, especially in high risk environments.

Create workplaces

Provide cutting-edge research and thought leadership.

Onboard workforce

Ensure everyone is verified for safe working.

Reputation rituals

Facilitate the advancement of individuals competencies and reputation.

Assurance dashboard

Help organizations manage their business risk profile while benefiting from transparency with stakeholders.

Stakeholder Benefits


  • Issue digital credentials
  • Track use of certificates
  • Reduce administration


  • Consolidate credentials

  • Prove contribuition

  • Validate experience

  • Earn Reputation


  • Increase & prove compliance
  • Reduce administration

  • Earn reputation
  • 3rd parties competency assurance
  • Lower cost of trust with inspectors

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